Doctoral Exchange

The objective of the Doctoral Exchange is to allow the best and brightest Wharton and INSEAD doctoral students who have completed their first year of studies to gain credit for courses taken at the partner school.

Wharton PhD students will be granted the same benefits of INSEAD’s resident students. They will receive a visiting student ID card which permits access to the host institution’s libraries and labs.

Upon completion of each term, INSEAD officials will collect the information concerning the student’s course of study and forward it to Wharton’s Doctoral Program Office. The information may be made part of the student’s academic record as appropriate to the home institution.

Some financial support for travel and living expenses associated with an exchange visit may be available through the Wharton-INSEAD Center for Global Research and Education.

Information can also be found on the Doctoral Inside webpage.

The Doctoral Exchange

For more information, contact:

Gidget M. Murray, Associate Director

Nancy R. Zhang, Vice Dean, Doctoral Programs