Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium is a three-day forum for PhD students from INSEAD and Wharton to present their research and foster collaboration across institutions and disciplines.

In the spirit of academic diversity, submissions from all INSEAD and Wharton doctoral programs are invited.

The Consortium includes student presentations, keynote presentations, and panel sessions led by INSEAD and Wharton faculty. Effort is made to give accepted students the opportunity to meet with faculty members either in-person or via video-conference. The Consortium also includes social events both on campus and off-site.

The 11th Annual Doctoral Consortium (2022)

Plans are underway for the next Doctoral Consortium, which will take place in the Fall of 2022 on Wharton’s campus.

The Planning Committee includes Wharton PhDs Beidi Hu (Operations, Information &  Decision), Sasmira Matta (Health Care Management), Jonas Peeters (Finance), and INSEAD PhDs Clara Carrera (Technology & Operations Management), Boas Meijer (Technology & Operations Management), and Constantin Prox (Strategy). Details concerning the 11th Annual Consortium will be shared with students shortly.

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The 10th Annual Doctoral Consortium (2022)

Due to travel guidelines, the 2021 Doctoral Consortium was held in the spring of 2022 on the Fontainebleau campus of INSEAD. This conference was a great success and offered students an opportunity to present and discuss their research in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment as well as to exchange ideas with the INSEAD PhDs in their field. The Planning Committee included Joseph Carlstein, Maria Gelrud, Bella Ren (Wharton), and Srishti Arora, Xinyu Liu, Matthew Rubin, and Zhao Zheng (INSEAD).

The 9th Annual Doctoral Consortium (2020)

The 9th Annual Doctoral Consortium, held virtually in 2020, was a great success thanks to the diligent hard work of Planning Committee Members Sathya Vijayakumar, Bengisy Urlu, Qingqing Chen, and Anna Algina. This Committee confirmed 70 participants from 13 academic disciplines across both schools along with several faculty panelists.