Doctoral Consortium


The Doctoral Consortium is a forum for PhD students from INSEAD and Wharton to present their research and foster collaboration across institutions and disciplines. In the spirit of academic diversity, submissions from all INSEAD and Wharton doctoral programs are invited.

The Consortium includes student presentations, keynote presentations, and panel sessions led by INSEAD and Wharton faculty. Effort is made to give accepted students the opportunity to meet with faculty members either in-person or via video-conference. The Consortium also includes social events both on campus and off-site.

2018 Doctoral Consortium

The 7th Doctoral Consortium (pictured left) was held at INSEAD-Fontainebleau in September 2018. The organizing committee, which was composed of doctoral students from a variety of Wharton and INSEAD departments, made a substantial effort to increase participation from all disciplines. As a result, the 2018 Consortium received over 50 applications from all departments at Wharton and INSEAD. There were over 38 students from over nine departments who participated.

2019 Doctoral Consortium

The Wharton School looks forward to hosting the 8th Doctoral Consortium in Philadelphia, October 25-27, 2019.

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Applications must be made electronically no later than May 15th (23:59 EDT) following the guidelines found here.

For more information, refer to the FAQs.

2019 Consortium Planning Committee

Xinwei Li and Ece Gulserlier (INSEAD)
Vlad Pavlov and Rui Yu  (Wharton)

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