Faculty Short-Term Visit (STV)

The objective of the Faculty Short-Term Visit (STV) is for Wharton faculty to conduct exploratory visits to INSEAD in an effort to establish research contacts and enhance research projects.

Faculty STVs may also be used speak at co-branded (Wharton-INSEAD) conferences, lectures or seminars.

The Faculty STV allows for short-term opportunities for faculty to spend time on the campus of the partner school.

The Alliance finances travel expenses for the faculty member on the STV. Short-term visits of up to four (4) weeks encourage exploratory visits to the partner school in order to establish research contacts with a view to enhancing research productivity.

Faculty STV may also be used to attend and speak at co-branded (Wharton-INSEAD) conferences, lectures or seminars for up to three (3) nights.

Faculty Short-Term Visit (STV)

For more information, contact:

Michele Anna Klekotka, Administrative Manager