Joint Executive Education Programs

Together, Wharton and INSEAD offer the expertise of more than 450 faculty members from more than 30 countries, as well as 80 years of combined experience in the design and delivery of executive programs. This executive education partnership offers several programs that take advantage of the immediate access to global faculty, research, resources, best practices, and delivery locations:

Customized Corporate Programs

Through the Wharton–INSEAD Alliance, our corporate clients are leveraging one of the widest and deepest learning networks of academic and business-relevant resources in the world. The Wharton–INSEAD partnership process creates ongoing opportunities for an intensive exchange of knowledge and ideas among program participants, senior executives, and faculty members, leading to deeply collaborative relationships. Each custom program we design provides a high-impact executive education experience that directly affects the strategy, communication, leadership strength, and future profit potential of the organization.

The Alliance delivers custom programs for such clients as DHL Asia-Pacific, IBM, National Grid Transco, and Inbev. As the first custom program offered on two continents, the Inbev Global Development Program was designed and delivered through a highly collaborative partnership among Wharton, INSEAD, and Inbev:

“As our Global Development Program moved into its third year we needed to build a more action learning approach so that the programme was aligned with the direction of the business and was about personal development and also organizational capability. Wharton has proved to be a partner with a first-class global reputation who could provide both the academic credibility and the business ‘savvy.’ Wharton was flexible enough to meet our changing business needs. The Alliance with INSEAD added a multicultural, dual-location design to the Program which gives the programme a global flavour. The energy and enthusiasm at Wharton has helped to create a business value added programme by adapting the design and content based on participant feedback and our changing business needs.”

Michael Staunton
VP, Global Learning and Development

For information and to speak with a program coordinator, visit Custom Programs: Wharton Executive Education

Open-Enrollment Programs

Wharton–INSEAD Alliance open-enrollment programs are designed to connect executives with the leading-edge knowledge, research, and consulting expertise of Wharton and INSEAD faculty, as well as an elite network of international peers who are addressing similar challenges. Our executive programs give managers global perspective, targeted knowledge, and practical tools for creating sustainable competitive advantage — which advances both their organizations and their careers.

Leading the Effective Sales Force
When people and resources are both scarce and expensive, every investment in your sales force must count. The sales force is a major growth engine for a firm, as well as a critical source of market feedback. Yet it is also a substantial investment — and one that can rapidly grow out of control. Stimulating the sales force while simultaneously controlling costs is the balance you must achieve. In this course, you will learn how to cut costs while raising sales — by analyzing your sales calls, realigning territories, shifting product or market emphasis, reallocating salesperson time, and adjusting sales force size. You will explore how to motivate and compensate salespeople and third-party distribution channels through pay systems and organizational structures.

*Course materials include a proprietary software application for allocating and deploying sales force resources. This software, developed by Professor Len Lodish, has led to substantial sales revenue increases for his consulting clients.

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